Women’s University In Africa (WUA) Postgraduate Online Application Form

Women’s University In Africa (WUA) Mature Age Entry Application Form

Admission Requirements

Certified copy of Birth Certificate

Certified copy of National Identity Card

Certified copies of Academic qualifications

Motivational Letter (Postgraduate Applications)

Filled out application form

Proof of payment of application fee


There shall be general and programme specific regulations.

The minimum entry requirements for undergraduate programmes are 5 ‘O’ levels including English Language  or through the Accreditation of Prior Learning.  Specific subjects and qualifications shall be as per programme specifications.  2 ‘A’ level passes shall be an added advantage.

The minimum entry requirements for postgraduate programmes shall be at least a 3rd ckass  in a relevant first degree and any other relevant professional qualifications.

International students from non English speaking countries shall be required to undergo an oral and written communication skills test to assess their proficiency in English.  Students who do pass the test shall be  required to enrol for a six months English Language bridging course.  Students who successfully complete the bridging course will be eligible to enrol for further studies.

For programmes that require Mathematics at ‘O’ level, students who do not have the Mathematics, shall be required to enrol for WUA Foundation Mathematics for a period of 8 weeks.  Upon successful completion of the Foundation Mathematics, candidates are eligible to enrol for further studies.

Application forms for admission are either purchased from the University Academic Registry or downloaded from the website www.wua.ac.zw



Admission at the University shall be at the following levels:







Application forms shall be submitted to the Admissions Office.  The Admissions Office shall communicate through SMSs or publish in the press and online lists of successful applicants to whom offer letters will be forwarded.


The following diploma and degree programmes are available at WUA:

Diploma in Social Work

Executive Diploma in Management

Diploma in Project Planning Management

Diploma in Environmental Management

Diploma in Early Childhood Development

Diploma in Business Management

Bachelor of Agriculture (Honours) in Horticulture

Bachelor of Agriculture (Honours) in Animal Science

Bachelor of Agriculture (Honours) in Agribusiness Management

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Sociology and Gender Development Studies

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Community Development

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Social Work

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Information Systems

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Management and Entrepreneurial  Development Studies

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

Bachelor of Accounting Science Honours

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Human Resource Management

Bachelor In Information System

Bachelor of Education (Primary)

Bachelor of Education – Early Childhood Development (ECD)

Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work(PDSW)

Postgraduate Diploma in Child Sensitive Social Policies (CSSP)

Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

Masters in Public Administration (MPA)

Master of Science in Strategic Marketing (MSM)

Master of Science in Development  Studies (MScDS)

Master of Science in Early Childhood Development (MECD)

Master of Science in Child Sensitive and Social Policies (MCSSP)




A candidate may gain admission with credit into an appropriate programme on the basis of learning from past experience.

A minimum of two thirds of the required courses must be completed with the Women’s University in Africa.

The prospective student must follow the normal admission procedure to gain access into a programme.

Credit is not only awarded for experience; but also for knowledge acquired learning.

Transfer of academic credits is processed through the academic registry department.

Accreditation of Prior Learning can be used for:

Entry into the university

Direct entry into a second or subsequent year of study

To be eligible for a prior learning assessment, the prospective student,

Must have at least four Ordinary level subjects or equivalent including English Language and be 40 years and above.


The student shall:

download the programme brochure from the website or collect from the Academic Registry

buy the application form from the Accounts Department for the courses to be studied

submit the completed application form to the Academic Registry and the assessment fee as stipulated by the University

The Accreditation of Prior Learning application form is obtained from Admissions or online. Students must produce dossiers as evidence. Academic registry shall notify the student about the result of the application.



An applicant shall only be a WUA student upon registration.

A student shall be considered registered upon payment of the prescribed fees and signing completed registration forms of the beginning of each semester.

By signing registration forms, a student undertakes to comply with University regulations.

Students shall register only in courses on offer for that semester.

Students shall register during the registration period, failure of which will attract a penalty fee decided by the University from time to time.


Upon receipt of the offer letter and invoice, the new students deposit prescribed fees into the Women’s University Bank Account, Stanbic, Minerva Branch, Account No.  9140001251979 or ZB Borrowdale Branch Account No. 4168-214192-080.

Registration forms shall be obtained upon producing receipts of payment to the Admissions Office.  Students complete four copies of registration forms after which they submit one to Admissions, one to accounts, one to the respective department and retain one.



No student shall be registered in more than one programme with the university at the same time.



Late registration shall attract a fee as determined by the University and shall accrue as determined by the University from time to time.



Candidates can formally apply for exemptions by virtue of having studied and passed the course(s) in another recognised institution in the relevant area of study during the 1st  two weeks of the semester.

Exemptions shall normally not be awarded for more than fifty percent of courses on offer per programme to be studied.


The applicant submits a completed exemption form and attaches relevant certified documents from the awarding institution(s) and proof of payment for the exemption to the issuing office. ($70 per subject).

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