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If proof of having passed an examination is wanted in order to obtain employment or further training, ZIMSEC will supply a Confirmation of Results to the authority requiring the results. Any authority requiring the confirmation should complete the Examination Results Confirmation
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The process of grading is when we convert the numerical marks that candidates achieve on every exam paper into alpha grades. For Ordinary Level Examinations the grades used to translate the candidates’ examinations performance are A, B, C, D, E and U. A basic interpretation would translate the grade A in Ordinary Level as very good and on a point system 5 points, B- good or 4 points, C- Average or 3 points, D- Weak or 2 points, E- Very Weak or 1 point and U-Ungraded. At this level a pass is counted from Grade C and above.

Advanced Level Examination grades are A,B,C.D,E,O and F. Grade A is very good, C- Average, E- Pass, O-Ordinary Level pass and F- Fail. The point system then applies to Grade A to E with 5 points being awarded to the highest grade, A, down to 1 point awarded to the lowest, E.

With the above guidelines a candidate is able to make a choice of subjects to further when moving from Ordinary Level to Advanced Level or when making a choice of courses to be pursued at a Technical or Polytechnic College. Most candidates will want to consider their strongest subjects when making this choice so as to increase the chances of doing well at the next level.