List Of Importers In Papua New Guinea

By | February 13, 2023

List Papua New Guinea Importers

In this article tries to answer the question by publishing the Full List of Importers in Papua New Guinea

Below are the Full List Of Importers in Papua New Guinea

Sandvik Machining Solutions

Five Star Marine Ltd.

Sonima Ab

Niumi Distributors Ltd.

Ida Foundation

Gant Sweden Ab

Chemcare Group Ltd.

Modern Pharmaceutical Ltd.

Carpenter Agricultural&Manufact

Paradise Foods Ltd.


Pacific International Hospital

Hargy Oil Palms

Exxon Mobil Png Ltd.

Super Value Stores Ltd.

Sorab Enterprises Pte Ltd.

Modern Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Perfection Biolife Corp.

Modern Pharmaceutical Ltsd

Top 5 Products exports imports at HS 6 digit level

The top five exported HS 6 digit level products to world by Papua New Guinea along with trade value are:

  • Papua New Guinea exported Base metals, silver or gold clad with platinum , worth US$ 1,493,437.13 million.
  • Papua New Guinea exported Crude palm oil , worth US$ 458,726.63 million.
  • Papua New Guinea exported Copper ores and concentrates , worth US$ 406,233.44 million.
  • Papua New Guinea exported Precious metal ores and concentrates (excl. sil , worth US$ 308,464.47 million.
  • Papua New Guinea exported Coffee, not roasted or decaffeinated , worth US$ 254,015.38 million.

Which 4 countries are PNG top importers and exporters?

Papua New Guinea top 5 Export and Import partners

MarketTrade (US$ Mil)Partner share(%)
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