Apollo Bramwell Nursing School Mauritius Courses Offered

Apollo Bramwell Nursing School Mauritius Courses Offered

Apollo Bramwell Nursing School Courses Offered

The learning process is based on a rotation between theory and practice.
As student you will receive two compulsory teaching:

Theorical Teaching

All our students will receive instruction and training from a group of local and foreign qualified nurse educators. Specialized nurses, medical doctors and other health professionals from Apollo Bramwell Hospital and other reputable institutions will also be called upon to share their expertise and experience with our students.

Professional Sciences

Fundamental Sciences

Human Sciences

Clinical Teaching

Clinical teaching will help you to incorporate your student skills in pre professional practice.

The clinical teaching is providing by nurse educators and mentors (nurses and supervisors) from Apollo Bramwell Hospital gradually during the three year of studies.

The clinical teaching is really diversified. As a student nurse, you will learn to give nursing care in different areas:

General and Specialized Medecine

General and Specialized Surgery

Pediatry and Caring for Children

Mother and Newborn Caring and Hygiene

Mental Health Care and Psychiatry

Caring for Elderly Persons

Link between Theory and Practice

Various educational strategies are proposed for individual and group learning in order to help you in the training coordination between theory and practice.

Clinical Laboratory

Laboratory sessions are organized in specific classrooms equipped with technical material where you can learn and practice professional attitude and skills under nurse educator supervision. Laboratory activities are compulsory and on your request.

School-Hospital Partnership

The partnership between ABNS and ABH will you to be followed by nurse educators and staff nurses in order to provide you the best and high quality training.

The Nurse Educators, Teachers and Mentors

The nurse educators have a double function, they provide courses at school and follow you during the clinical placement. This system helps you in the training, the nurse educators will insist on application of the theorical concepts.

First Year of Training

The first year is an initiation step about caring and also the confirmation of your choice to become a qualified nurse. Most of the training during the first year takes place at ABNS with theorical teaching.

You will increase your knowledge regarding the holistic vision of human needs, applied to different physical, psychological, social, cultural and economic context.

Clinical placement in first year is an introduction to discover the reality of the profession.

Second Year of Studies

The second year will show you different wards were you can practice with a large scope of expertise. The theorical teaching will provide you various and specific knowledge.

Heighten student’s awarness of specific populations will help you to feel comfortable in all caring situations.

Third Year of Studies

The third year is the time devoted to a professional integration.