Catholic University Of Rwanda (CUR) Admission Requirements

Catholic University Of Rwanda (CUR) Admission Requirements

Catholic University of Rwanda (CUR) Admission and Registration Policy is mainly based on
CUR General Academic Regulations. It intends to give to all prospective students at CUR
essential information to make their applications for admission and registration successful and to
pursue normally their studies.

Application for admission

Before a new student may register at Catholic University of RWANDA (CUR), he must apply
for admission. To gain admission to a degree program in a specific Faculty, a candidate must
write a letter requesting admission addressed to the Registrar specifying one or two faculties
of his/her choice.

The basic admission requirement for entrance to the first year of an undergraduate program is
necessary to have an Advanced General Certificate of Secondary Education (A Level) with
at least two principal passes permitting entry to higher education or a qualification or other evidence of ability to study on the program which is considered equivalent awarded by other examinations councils for other countries but acceptable at CUR as indicated in the chart below:

COUNTRY – Certificate/Diploma required

RWANDA – Advanced General Certificate of Secondary Education or
Professional Diploma of Secondary Education
(A Level)

BURUNDI – Diploma of Secondary Education Examination
(Diplôme d’Etat)

RDC – Diploma of Secondary Education Examination
(Diplôme d’Etat)

UGANDA – Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE)

TANZANIA – Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education (ACSE)

KENYA – Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education (ACSE)

TCHAD – Baccalauréat de l’Enseignement du Second Degré

Applicants must also demonstrate sufficient competence in English to study at Level 1. Since the academic year begins in September, the period of applications for admission shall be publicly announced at least three months before. All applications are subject to a selection process and applicants will be notified whether or not they have been admitted before the beginning of registration.

Application for registration

According to CUR General Academic Regulations, a student admitted at CUR may register as a
full-time student, a part-time student, a free auditor or an exchange student.

A full-time student is one who takes 120 credits of modules during the academic year or longer
in the case of undergraduate students in accordance with requirements of the program and as
specified in the Rwanda National Qualification Framework (RNQF).

A part-time student is a student who has permission to cover the same ground over a longer
period and so to take fewer credits in a given academic year.

A free auditor is any person who registers for modules but does not take an exam in those
modules with the purpose of obtaining a diploma.

An exchange student is a person who registers for modules within the framework of an
exchange program among universities and takes an exam in those modules.

A full-time student may register for a part-time module in another department provided the
timetable permits and this does not affect performance in full-time modules.

Students must register individually at Registry Services after the announcement of the beginning
of the registration period.

All new students must apply for registration on the prescribed registration form available on
request from the Office of the Registrar.

At the first registration, new students are requested to produce the following documents for

Photocopy of notarized Diploma/ Advanced General Certificate of Secondary Education or equivalent

Photocopy of Senior six reports of Secondary School

Medical Certificate issued less than three months before the registration date

Photocopy of Identity Card /Passport

Recent passport size photographs (2)

Payment slip of registration fees of 25000 Frw on Account n° 461-1127703-11/UCR Campus Alexis KAGAME Save, BANQUE POPULAIRE DU RWANDA.

For registration, continuing students are requested to:

Fill out the appropriate registration form

Produce recent passport size photographs

Provide proof of having paid registration fees for the last academic year

Present appropriate documents for any change of their personal life

Completed documents shall be submitted to the Registrar as responsible for registration of all

Names of students to be used on all CUR documents will be those appearing on the Certificate/Diploma used for admission. Any request for change of names must be supported by legal documents.

Cases of falsification of documents or giving false/incomplete information whenever discovered either at registration or afterwards, shall lead to automatic cancellation of admission or withdrawal of Certificate, Diploma or Degree awarded by CUR. Legal action may also be taken against the culprit.

Registration shall be done within four weeks and end one week before the beginning of each academic year.

Student’s identity card

A registered student will be issued with an official student’s identity card.

A student card shall contain the student’s identification (names, registration number, faculty/department, class, and program), his/her photograph and shall have the signature of the Vice-Rector in charge of Academic Affairs and the stamp of the University.

This card shall be produced at all times upon request, particularly at the gates, for admission to lectures and laboratories, for use to library, examinations and access to any services offered by CUR.

Lost cards will be replaced upon payment of the prescribed fee.

Application for late registration

Application for late registration shall be submitted in writing to the Registrar stating the reasons for the lateness within fifteen days of the end of the registration period.

The Registrar shall assess the merit of each application and with the advice of the faculty responsible for the program on which registration is sought, can act accordingly. A late registration fee will be charged for candidates who, for any reason, may be allowed to register beyond the two weeks deadline. No student shall be registered after the fourth week of the semester.

Students will not be allowed to change programs later than four weeks after the beginning of the first semester of the current academic year.

Suspension of registration

Students may be allowed to suspend registration on production of satisfactory evidence giving reason for postponement of studies. Permission will be considered by the Dean of Faculty on basis of a written request of the student concerned and will be granted automatically on provision of a medical evidence in cases of serious or debilitating illness, handicap which may require time to overcome, maternity leave, the death or illness of a close relative or dependent or other serious social problems.

A student who registers for lectures and then decides not to attend them must cancel the registration before the opening day of the semester in order to be free from the obligation of paying tuition fees. The student must notify the Registrar of the cancellation through the Dean of Faculty. The Registrar then issues the student an acceptance note copied to the Director of Finance.

In the case of a suspension that starts after the beginning of an academic year, any passing grades already earned during that year will be retained on the student’s record and the student will not be required to redo these assignments or examinations.

Students may be allowed to suspend studies for a maximum of two years for them to be readmitted into the same year of study where they left off, nor there more than one period of suspension at any given level.

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Repeated suspension shall not be granted for chronic, on-going medical conditions.

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