Dstv Decoder Price In Rwanda

What is Dstv Decoder?

Digital Satellite Television, commonly abbreviated to DStv, is a Sub-Saharan African direct broadcast satellite service owned by MultiChoice and based in Randburg, South Africa.

Launched on 6 October 1995, the service provides multiple audio, radio, and television channels and services to subscribers, mostly in South Africa, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe. DStv formerly had operations in Thailand under United Broadcasting Corporation (UBC), which is now TrueVisions.

Dstv Decoder Price In Rwanda

DStv decoders are now on promotion; DStv HD single decoder went from 85500 Rwf to 58000 Rwf, and the DStv Explora decoder went from 250000 Rwf to 140000 Rwf! The new prices are inclusive of the decoder, satellite dish, and accessories.

Does Rwanda have DStv?

The DStv brand in Rwanda has for years been known as a service only for the rich and those in the upper and middle class, as its prices were above its few market competitors.

What channel is Rwanda TV on DStv?

channel position 299

Rwanda Television (TVR) can now be accessed on MultiChoice’s DStv service. TVR is available on channel¬†position 299¬†after being connected to the platform, the New Times reported.

Arthur Asiimwe, the Director General of the Rwanda Broadcasting Agency welcomed the development.