Mauritius Work Permit Requirements

A work permit or work visa is permission to take a job within a foreign country.

Mauritius Work Permit Requirements

Mauritius is a popular destination for expatriates due to the island nation’s beaches, reefs, and robust economy. If your company is planning to expand operations into Mauritius, recruiting a talented team of employees is probably high on your list of priorities. However, your employees will need to obtain the proper working visas and permits before they can legally live and work in this thriving country.


To be eligible for a work permit in Mauritius, the applicant should be between 20 and 60 years old. Exceptions to this requirement may be made for workers with specific expertise.

The application for a Work and Residence Permit requires the following documents:

A. A completed application form

B. Four passport photos

C. Copies of the data pages of the applicant’s passport

D. A completed data sheet

E. Copies of the professional and academic qualifications of the applicant

F. A description of the job issued by the employer

G. Details of the prior work experience of the prospective employee

H. A certificate of health issued to the applicant by the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life

I. A copy of the employer’s Certificate of Incorporation and its business registration card

J. The Contract of Employment (COE) that has been approved by the Labour Division with a minimum salary of 30,000 Mauritian Rupees (MUR)

K. Proof that the job opening and the number of employees required were posted in two or more newspapers in A5 format

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Different Essential Concerns

There are a few more things employees should keep in mind regarding employment in Mauritius:

A. Expatriates who are married to Mauritian citizens do not require a work permit.

B. Employees may apply for a Permanent Residence Permit after three years of living in Mauritius. Despite the name of this permit, it is valid for 10 years.

C. Work permit applications from companies outside of Mauritius will only be accepted if they are incorporated in Mauritius as a foreign company. If your company does not have an established presence in Mauritius, you can still meet this requirement by using a global PEO as your Employer of Record.

Is Mauritius open for work permits?

You can apply for an occupation permit. An occupation permit is a work and residence permit rolled into one. Approved applications enable you to live and work legally in a Mauritius-based company or institution.

How long is a work permit valid in Mauritius?

The YPOP is an Occupation Permit valid for a maximum period of 3 years depending on the duration of the contract of employment. The application for the YPOP shall be submitted by the Employer to the Economic Development Board (EDB), Occupation Permit Unit by email at